Funding for Researchers

Agricultural research is in the midst of an exciting and rewarding time. We connect researchers with opportunities as they work to solve real-world industry needs.

Expanding Alberta’s frontiers of agriculture research by developing solutions that benefit farmers, ranchers and consumers alike depends on understanding the problems and needs in the field. Connecting researchers to funding opportunities opens the door for collaboration and impact. Knowledge unites us—bringing producers and researchers closer to that common goal of working together to positively impact Alberta’s agriculture.

Resources for Researchers

We’ve got all the info you need to access funding for your research project, including our program guidelines and a helpful proposal template.

Resources for Community

We can’t think of a better reason for bringing our industry partners and community  together to grow big ideas. RDAR is producer-led and results driven. We focus on communicating openly and intentionally, so that as our community member, you are invited to our table to learn, connect and share in impactful ways.

Research Priorities

Enhanced productivity, profitability and competitiveness.

  • Improved animal and crop health
  • Production efficiency
  • Feed utilization
  • Enhanced pest and disease management
  • Genetic improvements

Sustainable and responsible agricultural production.

  • Water efficiency and quality
  • Soil health (soil quality)
  • Input/output utilization
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Climate variability and adaptability
  • Mitigation of antimicrobial resistance
  • Animal Welfare 

Market demands: food safety, quality, value-added products and diversification. 

  • Improved food safety, quality and nutrition
  • New value added products
  • Alternative agriculture products
  • Interaction of animal, human and environment (One-health)
  • Pathogen control and reduction

Extension and knowledge transfer. 

  • Knowledge translation and transfer to Alberta’s producers
  • Demonstration and analysis of feasibility
  • Adoption of best management practices

How To Apply