About RDAR

We power the research to transform agriculture.

RDAR's producer-guided priorities direct where research dollars will allow the industry to thrive in today’s evolving economy and climate.

Through 2019, the Government of Alberta conducted numerous in-person and online sessions, engaging with over 2,000 farmers, ranchers, and industry partners to glean their insights on the future of agricultural research in Alberta. RDAR was created as a result of these consultations.

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RDAR Created

The Alberta government announced RDAR , an arm's-length non-profit organization in March 2020, and pledged $370M to RDAR over 10 years, propelling a decade-long commitment to funding agricultural research.


First targeted 
research call

Starting with RDAR’s first targeted call for research proposals in October 2020, the corporation heralded a new stage of predictable funding for leading edge agriculture projects in Alberta.


First Board Elected

An Interim board had been appointed to guide RDAR's start up. In March 2021, the first Board of Directors was elected.


OFCAF Partner

In February, RDAR selected as one of 12 national delivery partners for the On-Farm Climate Action Fund, providing $33M to help producers tackle climate change. Over 1M acres and $28M were covered in the first year alone.


$46 million in grants

By the end of RDAR's inaugural fiscal year in spring 2022, we had invested $46 million in grants for producer-driven research initiatives.

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Year 3

RDAR starts its third year having invested $74M in 315 projects. The total value of all the projects, including leverage from the private sector is $195M.

Our Vision

Alberta’s agriculture sector is achieving its full potential through the acceleration and adoption of results-driven research.

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Our Mandate

RDAR targets strategic investments in producer-led, results-driven agriculture research to power the competitiveness, profitability, productivity and sustainability of agriculture in Alberta.

Today, RDAR manages a comprehensive research catalog of over 400 impactful projects that increase farm cash receipts, promote value-added investments, and generate employment opportunities across our industry.

RDAR looks to create positive change for producers across Alberta, by establishing relationships across Canada and beyond to bring the best practices, knowledge and research results to producers and encourage adoption.


Our Values

  • Integrity: transparency in decision-making

  • Collaboration: work with all those who complement and further our mandate

  • Innovation: Science-based leadership for agriculture research

  • Legacy: Be future-driven in our investments in agriculture

  • Courage: Unapologetically bold in agriculture research

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