Research outcomes demonstrate the power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to advancing Alberta’s agriculture industry.

Committed to delivering outcomes

RDAR's primary purpose is to deliver research outcomes that make a meaningful impact on Alberta’s economy and landscape.

Our Impact


"Results" is in our name. We invest in projects that are delivering real results that directly benefit Alberta. We're proud to share project outcomes delivered collectively by our talented scientists and producers.
Projects approved

Since October 2020, RDAR has received 861 proposals.

Total Investment
$0 million

RDAR's investment leveraged 2.6x by others.

Total Project Value
$0 million

Total project value of RDAR's portfolio

Project Feature

Investment into advanced greenhouse technology

$783,205 invested into a project with Lethbridge College and Sunterra to develop next generation greenhouse growing systems. This project will create a significant growth opportunity for Alberta to lead horticulture under-glass in Canada, protect food supplies and advance food quality and safety practices.

Project Feature

Solutions for Climate Variability & Adaptability

$447,066 investment for a large project, led by the North Peace Applied Research Association, to explore innovative cropping systems that improve soil water-holding and drainage capacity. This 4-year project will study: water-holding and infiltration in deep-rooted cover and field crops; crop rotations effect and soil organic matter; and seedling rate effects.


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