Research Priorities

Unlocking Alberta's potential through targeted agricultural research priorities.

Forging Forward

We collaborate and connect with industry experts, producers, researchers, processors and others within the innovation ecosystem to ensure we understand how research may help increase profitability, productivity, sustainability and competitiveness of the sector.

Producer-identified Priorities

Enhanced productivity, profitability and competitiveness

Results of any research project needs to provide economic benefits to be adopted by producers. Projects aligned with this priority may include:

  • plant & animal health

  • production efficiency

  • feed utilization

  • pest & disease management

  • genetic improvements

Sustainable and responsible agricultural production

Producers are at the forefront of sustainable practices. The OFCAF program is accelerating the uptake of three beneficial management practices. RDAR's research programs encourage applications for projects to investigate:

  • effective water management

  • soil health

  • in/output utilization

  • GHG emission reduction

  • Carbon sequestration

  • climate mitigation strategies (e.g. drought resistant crops)

  • antimicrobial resistance & animal welfare

Meet market demand: increase food safety, quality, value-added products and diversification

RDAR's scope of investment activities covers the entire agriculture value chain - from primary production through retail stores. Meeting market demands means investing in research that supports:

  • improved food safety, quality and nutrition

  • new value-added products

  • interaction of animal and human health (One Health)

  • pathogen control and reduction

  • meet export requirements

The Final Mile: Research Extension

Research results that do not reach producer or processors' hands will not unlock Alberta's potential. All projects RDAR funds must include a clear plan to show how results will reach the "Final Mile".

This "Mile" can mean results reaching producers for adoption, reaching a veterinarian's office, a policy-maker, or to the international markets for exports.

Final Mile projects may also include:

  • economic feasibility or business analyses

  • further adoption of beneficial management practices