The profitability of classifying Alberta Pork based on quality attributes

Project Details

Status: Active
Investment: $95,450
Commodity: Pork
Organization: University of Alberta
Investigator: Sven Anders

Current grading systems for lean meat yield have become obsolete.

Why is this research important for Alberta ag?

Aside from South Korea, no major pork producer market currently has an official quality-based differentiation system, giving Canadian pig farmers little incentives to produce higher quality. But, current grading systems for lean meat yield have become obsolete.

With a large share of pork destined for export markets, where customers pay a premium for quality assurance, the industry would greatly benefit from an assured differentiation system.

This project develops science-based evidence of the potential benefits of implementing a quality-based pork carcass/primal classification system as proposed by Canada Pork International and evaluates technologies available for the evaluation of lean meat yield in commercial abattoirs.

This research aims to generate/show profitability effects of a new classification system in the Alberta/Canadian pork industries under different market and processing conditions.

What benefits can producers expect from this research?

The assessment of a quality differentiation of pork producers directly contributes links to a major industry priority — producer-ready evidence on the benefits of quality-based pork classification system that improve meat quality and marketing management in line with trends in Canadian consumer and export markets.

How will these research findings reach producers on-farm?

Results will be shared in various ways to reach the broadest possible audience. This will include press releases, presentations at producer forums, and presentations at scientific meetings.

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