Investigating the agronomics of lupin production, a new high protein pulse crop for Alberta

Project Details

Status: Completed
Investment: $244,200
Commodity: Pulse
Organization: Lakeland College
Investigator: Robyne Bowness Davidson

Lupin is a pulse legume grain crop with the highest protein content of all pulse crops grown in Alberta.

Why is this research important for Alberta ag?

Lupin is a pulse legume grain crop with the highest protein content of all pulse crops grown in Alberta. With increasing global demand for plant protein products and new pulse fractionation plants opening across the prairies, there is a market for plant-based high protein crops. As such, lupin has the potential to be a profitable pulse crop option for Alberta.

In order to successfully produce this crop across the province, more information is needed in multiple research areas. This project will investigate the adaptability of lupin species, disease and pest threats, herbicide weed management options, and application and timing of pre-harvest dry down products.

What benefits can producers expect from this research?

Lupin is a relatively new high protein pulse crop option for Alberta pulse producers. Pulse crops provide new market opportunities, expand diversification, increase environmental sustainability, and support increased competitiveness for the agriculture crop industry across the Canadian prairies. Thus, information collected from this research will promote the growth of the pulse industry in Alberta.

How will these research findings reach producers on-farm?

Knowledge from this research will be shared with producers and the pulse industry through yearly western Canadian conferences, trade shows, workshops, seed grower tours, grower meetings, crop walks, field days, and research updates.

Findings will also be shared in newspaper and magazine articles, webcasts, and radio.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.