Alberta's regional variety trials

Project Details

Status: Completed
Investment: $182,000
Commodity: Multiple Crops
Organization: Alberta Wheat and Barley Commission
Investigator: Sheri Strydhorst

Choice of the appropriate variety that meets farmers' needs is an important consideration.

Why is this research important for Alberta ag?

Farmers face many decisions in their day to day operations all with the intention of maximizing their return on investment. For crop producers, this means maximizing yield for a given level of inputs. One of the greatest influencers of their success, the environment, is out of their control. To offset the impact of both abiotic (drought, excess moisture, frost) and biotic (disease and insect) threats, farmers plan their crop rotations and management practices carefully. Choice of the appropriate variety that meets farmers' needs is an important consideration.

Alberta has a vast growing area with many regional differences. Plant breeders have worked hard to develop varieties that are adapted to a wide range of environments. Producers require information to fine tune their variety choices to suit their unique circumstances. The Alberta Seed Guide, which is generated through annual Regional Variety Trials (RVTs), is the trusted sources of this information across Alberta.

What benefits can producers expect from this research?

By continuing with RVTs, crop producers can access the latest information about the varieties that are performing best in their unique location, increasing profitability.

How will these research findings reach producers on-farm?

Trial results are made available to all producers through the Alberta Seed Guide, which is mailed to all rural addresses and also available online.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

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