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Working together: RDAR, feather boards and researchers partner to boost technology transfer and innovation adoption across the poultry sector

Edmonton, Alberta — The Poultry Innovation Partnership (PIP) has been awarded $400,000 by Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR) to develop a technology transfer ecosystem to support innovation adoption in the Alberta poultry industry.

“Alberta’s poultry farmers are well-known for finding innovative ways to put food on tables across the province and beyond. This funding will help them share knowledge and research and find new ways to improve their operations, benefitting the entire industry.” — Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Extension and knowledge transfer is a producer-identified RDAR research priority. This investment from RDAR’s Accelerating Agricultural Innovations program will enable the Poultry Innovation Partnership to translate knowledge to Alberta’s poultry producers, complete demonstration feasibility analysis projects and develop communication tools to support the adoption of best practices.

"The PIP model strongly supports linkages and collaboration within the Alberta Poultry research space and serves to strengthen established relationships with poultry research stations across Canada. This collaborative, producer-led approach to research will help the industry identity key knowledge gaps within Alberta, reduce duplication of research efforts and strengthen producer, public and private partnerships in identifying and delivering on research and extension priorities." — Clinton Dobson, RDAR Director of Research

The Poultry Innovation Partnership is a consortium of Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers, Alberta Turkey Producers, Burnbrae Farms, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Egg Farmers of Canada, Government of Alberta, Maple Leaf Foods, Peavey Mart, and the University of Alberta. Through this partnership contributions from each of the partners are being leveraged to support this project.

"PIP brings farmers, academia and industry together at one table to meet the needs of the feather industries in Alberta. The feather industry’s investments in PIP have been leveraged to support this project – enabling PIP to deliver the tools our farmers need to succeed." — Susan Schafers, Chair, Poultry Innovation Partnership & Alberta Egg Farmer

Developing a structure to systematically transfer information and processes from a research setting to a commercial operation is a critical factor for innovation. The project, led by Dr. Martin Zuidhof and Dr. Valerie Carney, will use a collaborative approach to establish an ecosystem that supports change throughout the poultry industry.

"Together, we are better! This project will leverage new and existing relationships with allied industry reps, researchers and farmers to provide an input mechanism to inform the development of events, materials and tools that trial and demonstrate adaptations within the unique Alberta context." — Dr. Valerie Carney, Project lead & Poultry Innovation Partnership Lead

RDAR’s funding contributions – of which $292,425.59 comes from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) – are valued at $400,000 over 2-years.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five-year, $3 billion investment by Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments to strengthen and grow Canada’s agri-food and agri-products sectors. This commitment includes $2 billion for programs cost-shared by the federal and provincial/territorial governments that are designed and delivered by provinces and territories.

About RDAR
RDAR is a not-for-profit organization that will continually consult with Alberta’s crop and livestock producers to set research priorities and distribute funds. Its mandate is: to support results driven agriculture research priorities and programs that will increase the competitiveness and profitability of Alberta’s agriculture industry. Arm’s length from the provincial government, RDAR is funded by two sources: The Government of Alberta, the Government of Canada, and Alberta’s Government through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program.

About the Poultry Innovation Partnership
The Poultry Research Centre, founded in 1986, started when the Government of Alberta closed its poultry research operations. In response, Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Turkey Producers, the Government of Alberta and University of Alberta came together to form the Poultry Research Centre (PRC). In subsequent years, other partners joined the PRC. Similar to the pressures in 1986, recent changes in government and the research funding landscape have fueled a renewed commitment by local and national poultry organizations to work together and build on the strong foundation of the Poultry Research Centre, forging a way forward for poultry research. 2019 marked the final year for the Poultry Research Centre and hatched a new beginning…the Poultry Innovation Partnership (PIP).

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