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Livestock Gentec Wins 2023 ASTech Best in Agriculture Award

Edmonton, Alberta — RDAR investee is driving transformative beef cattle genomic technologies, paving the way for economically and environmentally sustainable beef production in Alberta.

On November 3, 2023, Livestock Gentec was selected from a field of five Alberta agricultural innovators as the winner of the 2023 Best in Agriculture Award. 

University of Alberta-based Livestock Gentec was established in 2010 by Drs. Graham Plastow and John Basarab to increase the beef sector’s competitiveness, profitability, and sustainability through genetic solutions.  

“We are pleased to accept this award on behalf of Livestock Gentec and all our partners. I’m incredibly proud of the work that’s being done to ensure Alberta’s beef sector remains competitive and profitable, and I look forward to our continued work in improving beef herds and producer productivity.” – Dr. Graham Plastow, CEO, Livestock Gentec 

Over the last three years, RDAR has supported Dr. Basarab as an RDAR Professor and contributed more than $3.5M in Livestock Gentec projects. The outcomes of the funded research include management tools to increase production sustainability by reducing production costs while reducing the environmental footprint; enhancing meat quality and adding value to a commodity product; and improving animal health by increasing disease resiliency and extreme temperature tolerance.  

We are delighted to see Livestock Gentec win this Award! Now more than ever, genomic technology is necessary to ensure Alberta has a thriving beef sector. In the face of challenging economic conditions and drought, genomic advancements will enable our producers to compete globally - that is why genetics are a major focus for RDAR.” – Dr. David Chalack, RDAR Board Chair  

About ASTech. The ASTech Awards recognize and celebrate the brightest minds and greatest achievements of outstanding individuals and organizations in the Alberta science and technology innovation community. The Best in Agriculture Sector Award honours the successful discovery, development, and / or commercialization of novel technology or processes with significant benefit within the agricultural and food industry. 

About RDAR RDAR’s mandate is to target strategic investments in producer-led, results-driven agriculture research to power the profitability, productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability of Agriculture in Alberta. A not-for-profit corporation, RDAR’s funding comes from the Government of Alberta, the Government of Canada, and Alberta’s Government through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership.