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AFC announces $11.49 million in funding to 39 agriculture research projects

Edmonton, Alberta – 39 research projects have been awarded $11.49 million in funding via the Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC). The AFC is a body comprised of 18 agricultural organizations that leverage and coordinate funding to support sustainability, diversification and long-term growth for agriculture and the food industry in Western Canada.

“This funding will have a significant impact on Alberta’s agriculture industry and directly benefit Alberta’s producers and processors,” said Nate Horner, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation. “It will benefit multiple sectors in every corner of the province, from livestock producers in the north to crop growers and food processors in the south. We share the AFC’s commitment to sustainability, diversification and long-term growth for the agriculture and food industry.”

The $11.49 million investment, of which $7 million comes from RDAR, will support targeted research projects promoting sustainable agriculture and enhancing productivity, profitability, and competitiveness across Alberta’s agriculture industry.

“RDAR is proud to be an AFC Member,” said Clinton Dobson, Executive Director, Research of RDAR. “While RDAR directs funding to support research across all agricultural commodity areas, the AFC supports research funding to target specific areas of primary agriculture and foster sustainability, diversification, and long-term growth of agriculture and the food industry in Western Canada”.

The 18 agriculture organizations of the AFC provide coordinated funding for Research and Innovation projects for agriculture and the food industry in Western Canada. With member representation inclusive of the major Alberta commodity groups, investment in AFC research priorities ensures funded research projects match the needs demanded by industry, ensuring the sector remains competitive.

“The AFC brings together many of western Canada’s producer organizations focused on funding research,” said Wayne Thompson, WGRF Executive Director. “WGRF is pleased to be funding seven crop research projects of importance to farmers for more than $1.6 million. AFC’s approach to funding agriculture research makes it easy to collaborate and advance producers’ research priorities and reach across provincial borders to partners with similar research priorities”.

“Alberta Innovates is pleased to be a partner in the AFC, providing coordinated and collaborative funding to advance agricultural knowledge across Alberta and Western Canada,” said Laura Kilcrease, CEO of Alberta Innovates. “We’re improving sustainability and diversification to create long-term growth for agriculture and the food industry. Innovative technologies are changing modern farming, and Alberta Innovates is leading the way by accelerating this innovation, from discovery to use. That’s not only good for producers, but for all Albertans, who rely on a dependable food supply which can adapt to changing conditions.”

This investment in these 39 projects will ensure that the latest research is applied to research priorities that directly impact Alberta Agriculture commodities such as livestock (bees, beef, dairy, pork, poultry); crops (wheat, canola, oats, potatoes); and soil health.

Examples of the AFC funded research projects include:

  • Developing a non-antibiotic treatment for swine dysentery

  • Development of molecular protocols for rapid detection of potato pests and pathogens

  • The Regional Variety Crop Trials in Alberta

  • Mitigating Salmonella infections in dairy calves

  • Understanding the interactions of Nitrogen fertilizer on soil health to optimize sustainable agriculture

  • Development of stress-tolerant alfalfa for beef and dairy production in a changing climate

“Investment in basic and applied research is foundational to agriculture’s continued success and sustainability”, says Stuart Boeve, Chair of Alberta Milk. “Alberta’s dairy farmers contribute to research annually and see the value in the RDAR model that focuses on investing in outcome-driven projects to continually improve our industry, and all sectors of agriculture here in Alberta and beyond.”

The collaborative structure of the AFC enables Alberta’s agriculture and food sector to work together and benefit from related research outcomes. Research solutions and Improvements in one commodity area improve food quality, safety, and security and can boost crop and livestock production across our food system.

About AFC
The AFC is a body of agriculture organizations that provides coordinated funding and stimulates private/public sector participation in Research and Innovation that supports sustainability, diversification and long-term growth for agriculture and the food industry in Western Canada. Learn more about AFC Members and AFC 2022-2023 research projects.

About RDAR
RDAR’s mandate is to target strategic investments in producer-led, results-driven agriculture research to power the competitiveness, profitability, productivity, and sustainability of Agriculture in Alberta. As a not-for-profit corporation, RDAR’s funding comes from the Government of Alberta, the Government of Canada, and Alberta’s Government through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program.

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