Funded: Grand Prairie Cattle Farmers talk to OFCAF about their On-Farm BMP plans

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to husband and wife farmers Paul and Lori Kinnee of Ten Bar Cattle in Grand Prairie Alberta. Paul and Lori have a commercial Simmental herd are newly approved OFCAF funding recipients. The Kinnee’s applied and were approved for funding of their projects in all three OFCAF BMP areas — rotational grazing, nitrogen management, and cover cropping.

We sat down to have a call with Paul and Lori to ask them a few questions about their OFCAF funding journey.

Now that your projects have been funded, how would you describe your OFCAF experience?

"The OFCAF application process was different for us, in that it was online. First we worked with our Agrologist Jeff Keddie P. Ag he was great. Any OFCAF questions that we had, we were able to get answered right away, and then once we got our plan approved we started working with the OFCAF team. Everyone was very pleasant from start to finish."

What changes will OFCAF funding help you with on your farm?

"OFCAF funds will help us to be able to make the changes we need in the area of rotational grazing. These funds, and going through this OFCAF application process has made us more aware of the environment. More aware of our grass health and wetlands health. The biggest goal for us with this funding, is to preserve the natural grassland of our farm. We have a little bit of experience with rotational grazing and that was a big part of our application to OFCAF. We have seen benefits of rotational grazing on even small pieces of our land that got hit by drought, and we are looking forward to outcomes of our rotational grazing project."

What on-farm project are you most looking forward to completing with your funding?

"We really looking forward to pasture establishment and getting healthier pasture stands. Looking forward to the top dressing of our alfalfa and legumes. That is important to us."

Why is OFCAF funding important for Alberta Farmers?

"This funding is a good opportunity for producers that haven’t really tried BMPs like rotational grazing for example.  With funding it gives them an opportunity to try something new. Maybe they have been restricted by economics. So with OFCAF, it’s a good opportunity for them to give these changes a try and reap the benefits of it."