Funding Opportunity

RDAR Call for Proposals – Accelerating Agricultural Innovations

This call is now closed.

RDAR Call for Proposals

Accelerating Agricultural Innovations

RDAR is funding agricultural research that will drive real benefits for producers in the barn and on the field. Researchers can count on RDAR to provide predictable funding for leading-edge agriculture projects. This call for proposals is now open and accepting applications.

Through this call, RDAR will fund research and knowledge transfer and translation projects aimed at accelerating agricultural innovations in the livestock and crop industries in Alberta.

Research Priorities

Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR) has identified four research priorities.  These four research priorities were identified through the engagement sessions RDAR initiated with its Advisory Committee consisting of producer associations, commissions, marketing boards, applied research associations, and Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.

Click here to download the RDAR 2021 Research Priorities

Application Process

Expression of Interest (optional)
If you would like to apply for this call for proposals, you are invited to send a brief expression of interest (EOI) by email to outlining:

  • Project title
  • Project team
  • Brief project summary
  • Estimated budget
  • Start and end date

Submission of a full proposal is not dependent on an EOI, but signals to RDAR of the forthcoming application for planning purposes. RDAR will review the EOI and reach out to the applicant subject to time availability.

After submitting your proposal, please send your RDAR Signature Template to

Click here to download the full Application Guidelines

Eligible Applicants

Funding will be available to incorporated organizations that directly and/or indirectly participate in the service and development of Alberta’s livestock or crop industry, provided that such organizations are in good standing and not in default under any other agreements or programs with RDAR. Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to:

a) Marketing boards and commissions established under Alberta’s Marketing of Agricultural Products Act;
b) Educational institutions, including universities, colleges, and technical schools;
c) Provincial and municipal government organizations and agencies;
d) Incorporated non-profit agricultural associations representing Alberta’s agriculture producers; and
e) for-profit entities, including research companies, service providers, and agri-businesses offering custom services, consulting services or general services to agricultural clients

Important Dates

This call is closed.

Resources for Accelerating Agricultural Innovations Applicants

Accelerating Agricultural Innovations – Proposal Workbook
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Accelerating Agricultural Innovations – Program Terms and Conditions
Accelerating Agricultural Innovations – Signature Template
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