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Funding for producer-led research is on its way


2021 is set to be an exciting year for agriculture research in Alberta. RDAR, along with our partners at the Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC), have been immersed in reviewing, assessing, and selecting high-impact research proposals that will push the boundaries of Alberta’s agriculture potential.

Our agriculture industry is stronger when partners work together for a common goal – supporting results-driven agriculture research priorities and programs that will increase competitiveness and profitability of Alberta’s agriculture industry.

By partnering with other producer organizations through the AFC, RDAR’s research funding can go further, enabling more research projects to be accomplished and actualized. In addition, working together to co-fund projects that meet the research priorities of AFC Members ensures that Alberta ag research is producer-led and results-driven every step of the way.

RDAR is starting 2021 on a high note. For the first time in our young, 9-month existence, we have reached an organizational milestone. We are set to fund research proposals from our inaugural targeted call that will positively impact Alberta farmers and ranchers.

RDAR has budgeted up to $10 million dollars for the 2020-21 research projects submitted to the Agriculture Funding Consortium that align with our research priorities.

“This call for proposals is great news for Alberta’s farmers, ranchers and researchers. It’s another step forward for farmer-led research, and the $370 million-dollar 10-year deal with the provincial government. The research from these proposals will lead to a stronger agriculture industry in Alberta.”

Alberta Minister of Agriculture, Devin Dreeshen

In late January 2021, RDAR will announce funding decisions from our inaugural targeted call for research proposals and research proposals submitted to the Agriculture Funding Consortium for their 2020-21 call.

From our targeted call, RDAR received over 100 research proposals. Knee-deep in research, at the close of 2020 we were busy reviewing research proposals that had been submitted to the Agriculture Funding Consortium. Together, RDAR and AFC Members have been working to present the industry with merit-based and expert-evaluated proposals that will help those in the field and on the farm.

“RDAR embraces the opportunity to work collaboratively with all of our stakeholders, especially the Agriculture Funding Consortium which is critically important to coordinating research opportunities here in Alberta.”

Dr. David Chalack, RDAR Board Chair

The AFC is a voluntary body comprised of more than a dozen organizations that have come together to support the funding of research, development and agricultural projects and activities that benefit producers and the Alberta agriculture industry.

By design, the AFC has made the process easier for researchers to access the funding that they require. Their “one window” approach to funding streamlines the agriculture research funding process for applicants, providing all the information and support researchers need, in one place.

“In striving to discover how to better care for our land and our animals, Alberta Milk has valued the communication with each of its partners to ensure that the available research funding is used in the most effective manner possible. The AFC provides an ideal medium for this collaboration as we work together with RDAR.”

JP Brouwer, Chair of Research, Alberta Milk, AFC Member

RDAR is pleased to be a partner and participant in the AFC proposal review process. Collaboration is part of our organization’s DNA, and we are proud to see the wealth of research ideas and opportunities that are being proposed to benefit agriculture producers in Alberta. 

“RDAR looks forward to participating as an active member of the Agricultural Funding Consortium. The AFC is a great fit with RDAR by providing a coordinated mechanism where producer priorities can drive innovation investments in high-impact research proposals.”

Dr. Stanford Blade, RDAR Board Director, Research Committee Chair

In 2021, RDAR looks forward to continued collaboration with our industry partners to achieve our vision – Alberta’s agriculture and food sectors achieve their full potential through producer-led, strategic investments in research and innovation.

About RDAR
RDAR is a not-for-profit organization that will continually consult with Alberta’s crop and livestock producers to set research priorities and distribute funds. Its mandate is: to support results driven agriculture research priorities and programs that will increase competitiveness and profitability of Alberta’s agriculture industry. Arm’s length from the provincial government, RDAR is funded by two sources: The Government of Alberta, and the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

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