Celebrating Earth Day: How small changes can benefit the earth – from the ground up!

Potato flowers
Photo Provided by RDAR Member: Potato Growers of Alberta

Earth Day 2022 marks the 52nd anniversary of this annual celebration that brings awareness of the importance of long-term ecological sustainability and the environmental issues facing our planet. RDAR lives and breathes Earth Day every day by funding research projects that promote sustainability and produce outcomes that improve the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

Alberta’s producers are often referred to as ‘stewards of the land’ because not just because their livelihood depends on it, but because they’re passionate about the land and how it supports the life – plant and animal – that the land sustains.

Agriculture research investments broaden our understanding of the interactions and interdependence between humans, our farming practices and the environment. By understanding the natural world at a deeper level, producers can incorporate earth-saving beneficial management practices (BMPs) such as cover cropping, nutrient management, and rotational grazing to increase the overall sustainability and health of their farm operation.

Learn more about how RDAR is helping Alberta producers adopt BMPs to help tackle climate change

The adoption of BMPs can help producers to realize benefits such as minimized water usage and ecological benefits such as increased soil health, improved water quality and biodiversity on farmlands. BMP adoption can also enable producers to realize increased profitability due to greater efficiencies in their crop and food production systems.   

Learn how RDAR investment is helping Alberta producers incorporate BMPs to manage drought and extreme heat

RDAR is proud to co-produce the podcast Anthropomania, an original podcast about the complex relationship between humans and the wildlife around us. The latest episode “Trash Animals”: discusses the relationship between humans, our trash and how our waste impacts the animals that share our local environments.
Stream the podcast from any podcast app and check out www.anthropomania.com

The reality is that the natural world begins at our doorstep. Wildlife and many species of animals and insects now live closer to humans and are impacted by our waste. Taking action in your own community to preserve the environment can produce positive outcomes that benefit the wildlife in your neighborhood. Small changes like planting a pollinator friendly garden or picking up harmful trash can protect animals that live close to your front door.

At RDAR we continue to look for ways to help our planet and encourage our community to seek out for ways to incorporate green and sustainable acts into your everyday. Visit earthday.org for more ideas to help sustain the health of our planet.