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Alberta Ag Researchers Shine Bright at RDAR’s Inaugural Research Showcase


December 16th, 2022 – Edmonton Alberta – Leading Alberta ag researchers are the ‘stars’ of RDAR’s first Research Showcase. Producers and the public are invited to experience over 20 diverse and producer-led research projects taking place across the province.

On January 10th, 2023, at 2 p.m., RDAR will host Feet in the Field, Eyes on the Stars: our inaugural ag research showcase in Edmonton. This unique, must-see event will focus on the ‘stars’— Alberta’s leading ag researchers and producers, brought together to showcase the impact their research projects are having in the field. Feet in the Field, Eyes on the Stars is a celebration of the important and exciting ag research taking place in our province.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • See results and outcomes from producer-led RDAR research investments that are sustainably driving profitability in Alberta’s ag industry
  • Hear live presentations from leading ag researchers delivering projects that have an impact on Alberta’s producer operations across the province.
  • Explore an additional 20+ Ag Research Projects at while interacting with the researchers leading the work
  • And learn more about RDAR, its work and investments.

Doors Open: 2:00 p.m.
Program: 2:30 p.m.
Showcase continues from: 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Research Outcomes Presentations:

  • Robyne Davidson (Lakeland College) will present her research outcomes on the agronomics of lupin production, a high protein pulse crop for Alberta.
  • John Basarab (University of Alberta) will talk on his Herd DNA Pooling Tool that uses DNA pooling for breeding management in commercial cow-calf herds.
  • Linda Gorim (University of Alberta) will present on her research that explores the agronomic and soil health benefits of liming in the Prairies.
  • Fiona Briody (OFCAF Program Manager) will give an overview of the first funding cycle of OFCAF.
  • Edward Bork (University of Alberta) will discuss his research on cow/calf production efficiency related to habit selection and dietary composition
  • Val Carney (Poultry Innovation Partnership Lead at the University of Alberta) will present research outcomes on the Technology Transfer Ecosystem to Support Innovation Adoption in the Alberta poultry industry.
  • Ike Edeogu (Olds College) will discuss his ‘Floating Island’ research project that will help farms with water remediation.

Research Poster Showcase Participants:

  • Herman Barkema (University of Calgary) – Understanding the effects of outdoor access for dairy cows on transition cow health and public perception of dairy farming in Canada
  • Derek MacKenzie (University of Alberta) –Alberta Soil Health: An Expansion of the Alberta Soil Quality Monitoring Project
  • Yamily Zavala (CARA) – Verifying the Impact of Management Practices on Changes in Specific Soil Health Parameters
  • Olav Rueppell (University of Alberta) – Assessing the Molecular, Individual, and Colony Markers of Local and Important Stocks to Improve Honey Bee Health in Alberta
  • Jonathan Neilson (AAFC – Lethbridge) – Storage and Handling of Damaged Potato Crops
  • Stevan Dubljevic (University of Alberta) – Sensing, monitoring and operational improvements in St. Mary River Irrigation District
  • Vatorex / Connie Phillips (Alberta Beekeepers Commission) – Enhanced disease management of varroa using Vatorex’s heat treatment for honey bees.
  • Stephen Strelkov (University of Alberta) – The Evaluation of Clubroot Spread in Alberta (2005-2021)
  • Edward Bork (University of Alberta) – Research outcomes on cow / calf production efficiency
  • Ike Edeogu (Olds College) – On-farm Livestock Water Remediation Using Native Wetland Plants and Alberta Cold Climate Floating Island Technology
  • Val Carney (PIP) – Technology Transfer Ecosystem to Support Innovation Adoption in the Alberta Poultry Industry
  • Susan Markus (Lakeland College) – Precision Ranching: Remote assessment of bull activity under range conditions to improve pregnancy rate: Automating replacement heifer selection – demonstration site
  • Maya Evanden (University of Alberta) – Incorporation of abiotic and biotic factors for development of stage-structured predictive models of flea on canola in Alberta
  • Willemijn Appels (Lethbridge College) – Creating maps of plant available water with microwave radiometer technology to inform precision irrigation management
  • Michele Konschuh (University of Lethbridge) – Using Agronomy Biocontrol and Outreach to Reduce Blackleg of Potato
  • Rob Patterson (Vice President, CBS Bio Platforms) – Upcycling Plant Based Protein Sources into Highly Digestible Protein Supplements and Bioactive Compounds for use in Livestock Feeds
  • Dean Spaner (University of Alberta) – Varietal mixtures to discourage wheat pests manage pest populations and stabilize yield across environments.

Event Details:
January 10, 2023, 2 p.m.
Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel
Cartier Ballroom

Event Toolkit for Media:
To help you share the news about the Feet in the Field, Eyes on the Stars with your community, we have gathered useful information, links, and graphics about the event in our online toolkit.

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