Who we are

RDAR (Results Driven Agriculture Research) enables Alberta producers to determine priorities and lead agriculture research. By collaborating with scientists and researchers, we tap into existing talent and fund ideas generated by innovators to push the boundaries of Alberta’s agriculture potential.

Big ideas are here; RDAR helps them grow.

How we work

RDAR is arms-length from the Alberta provincial government and unencumbered by stricter systems. It’s imperative that Alberta’s agriculture research achieves outcomes that can be applied in the field— for real, measurable results.

RDAR is creating an integrated model, where a new culture of research, collaboration and talent will thrive. By connecting producers to scientists, educational institutions, and private industry, RDAR is working for one common goal: to make Alberta agriculture as profitable and sustainable as possible.

Together, we can reach places we’ve never been before.


To support results-driven agriculture research priorities and programs that will increase competitiveness and profitability of Alberta’s agriculture industry.


Alberta’s agriculture and food sectors achieve their full potential through producer-led, strategic investments in research and innovation.



Transparency in decision-making


Responsive and working with all those involved in the agriculture sector


Science-based leadership for agriculture research


Be future-driven in our investments in agriculture


  1. Be a highly respected, forward thinking leader in agriculture research funding.
  2. Invest in producer-led research priorities.
  3. Ensure knowledge transfer.
  4. Use resources efficiently; demonstrate fiscal responsibility.
  5. Enhance collaboration and optimize research capacity.
  6. Practice intentional and effective communication.
  7. Reflect a responsive and respectful governance model.
  8. Maximize commercial benefit of intellectual property.

Feeding Alberta’s Potential